The Joe Show

He loved one once. Buried him, with a rusty spade shovel.

I remember when you and I
Were cheek-to-cheek, you and I
We had a good time, you and I
Such a very good times
I loved one once. Buried me. With a
rusty spade shovel.
Then you split back to him, and you and I
Were over quick, you and I
I loved you so, you and I
Such a very good time
My name was Joseph back then. When
two syllables really meant
somethin’. …but now, I’m just

Photo by DD Images
Photo by DD Images

The Joe Show  (aka “Hey Joe”) was created as a Brown Bettie’s Fundraiser and starred past “Joe’s” from “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story”. The concept was innovative and exciting and not only told the Joe side of the story, but also reversed the roles the Betties usually play (LOVE, HATE, WANT, NEED) to the Joe’s.

These Joe’s brought it!

Vincent Ward – representing Change
Ricco Ross – representing voice of reason
Thom Scott II- representing another voice of reason
Rodney Perry- the brotha that always gives the wrong advice
Ron Brooks – Love
Lamman Rucker – Hate
Eddie Goines – Want
Charles Porter- Need

The cast also included the Brown Betties and Fredericka Meek as Ms. Bettie and Crescent Najeem as the Cigarette Girl.

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