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They call her Peppur, The “Hot” One…and that’s because she is! A brilliant, satirical writer; a budding director, dynamic actor and tenacious producer, Peppur Chambers continually proves she has the chops to write, direct and produce her savvy creativity into something gorgeous. By incorporating a marketing approach to her content, she’s developed into an entrepreneurial brand builder aka “The Hot One”.


Peppur’s skillfulness began with The Brown Betties®. In 2005, she wrote, produced and performed in a 26-minute 1940s styled dinner-theater show, “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story” performed by the Brown Betties which blossomed into a 75-minute mini-musical with eight characters. This burlesque bedtime story tells the tale of a woman looking for love in all the wrong places. Recognizing that The Betties, four Sultry, Sassy, Sophisticated women (including herself), were becoming the selling point of the show, she chose to capitalize on that and developed The Brown Betties® into a trademarked lifestyle brand. Peppur now has a book and a cheeky award-winning webseries based on the book: “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look For Love In All The Wrong Places”; the Be Your Own Bettie (BYOB) Empowerment workshops; Bettie Body workout/dance classes; Brown Betties Gazette online magazine and Brown Bettie greeting cards. She has penned “Harlem’s Awakening”, her debut novella now out via Black Hill Press and Amazon.com, with a feature film attached to help build and expand the Bettie franchise and the brand. Harlem’s Awakening has already been adapted into a one woman show; performed by Peppur and executive Produced by Nicole J. Adelman, “Harlem’s Awakening: Storytelling. Live” premiered at the 2014 Prague Fringe Festival where it was nominated for a Performance Award. “Harlem’s Awakening: Storytelling. Live” is now available to tour and will promote the book.

Ms. Chambers continues to develop The Brown Betties® and has also started a new venture with her two brothers via their Three Peas Productions. Their tent-pole project, “The Build UP”, is a site-specific theater experience. Conceived by youngest sibling Shakir Chambers, consulted by middle kid Darnell and written/directed by big sister Peppur, “The Build UP” takes the audience on an adventure as actors are followed from room-to-room in a secret venue. This gritty, non-traditional romance opens with the female lead trying to sell her eggs in order to fund her film. “The Build UP” ends with a musical performance by Tina McDowelle (Vanderpump Rules) that is a part of the story and envelopes the audience by morphing into an interactive party that gently lasts into the night. Seeing a six-month run in 2013, “The Build UP” is a true family affair.  Peppur and her brothers are currently working on building “The Build UP” into its own multi-media brand.

The world premiere of “Dick & Jayne Get A Life”, which is a quirky play about two strange people who find strange love at Ralph’s grocery store occurred June 2013 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. “Dick & Jayne Get A Life” was developed from Peppur’s monologue book of the same title. The Hot One is hoping to put heat on this project, too, as she looks to extend the life of Dick & Jayne beyond the stage.

While each of her projects is considerably different, she burns to tell the truth from an alternative, yet humorous perspective, all while sticking to one theme (so far) and that is: Love.

Peppur is a graduate of Marquette University (BA Advertising & Marketing); was a former Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Buck’s Dancer; is able to wiggle her ears and currently lives in Los Angeles with her understanding cat, Iris.

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  1. Hello Mrs. Chambers, my name is Tammy Hinkle-Davis, I am the Author of a book entitled “Silent Moments…When Your Present + Your Pleasure = A Future Unknown” I was referred to you by Mr. Rod Pratt; Mr. Pratt stated that you are very talented in Screen Play Writing, and I would like to utilize your services if you are available.
    My book is a total of 14 chapters and 142 Pages, with an additional chapter that I am currently working on for the purpose of the sitcom that I’m currently trying to pursue. I would love to speak with you about my book and the possibility of you turning it into a screen-play script; if you would be so kind as to contact me, I would greatly appreciate it; my contact # 618-606-6121 and my email address is fanzyflaminfro@yahoo.com thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. God bless!

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