My Philosophy

I believe in telling my truth.

I believe in telling my truth because if I tell mine, then maybe…just maybe, you’ll be encouraged to tell yours.

I believe in offering transparency and being vulnerable. Getting to this stage of being doesn’t happen overnight. It happens one step at a time. It took some time for me to get here and to learn their value; you will too.

I also believe in heroes. I believe in you. I believe in me, too.

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Pen and Peppur BLOG

Telling stories of heroes. Including my own.

We all need a little help keeping it all together. Here’s where I do that…for you and for me.

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Brown Betties

Join the community.

Educating while empowering. That’s what happens here.

The Brown Betties is a community of sultry, sassy, sophisticated women learning from and teaching one another how to simply be. Click here to enter and learn more.

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Truthful. Collaborative. Feminine.

If you’re looking for a voice and an energy that is this, please contact me below. I’d be honored to be of service.