Getting Ready.

My friend Kwan Milian tells me, “If you stay ready, won’t have to get ready.” I learned that the hard way yesterday!

I’d received a surprise call asking if I would be available to come to the studio for an interview. In an hour. NBC Nightly News. And it wasn’t to discuss kittens and marshmallows.

I was enjoying brunch with my dad in DC whom I came to visit and watch Super Bowl shenanigans. The waitress had just accidentally spilled a mimosa all over my lap. Standing in a puddle of fizzy orange, I said, “Dad, we gotta go.”

We rushed to his place, I rushed to fix my hair. It wasn’t camera ready. I wasn’t ready. While stress crying and texting the Bettie girls for strength and advice, (“Use some edge control!”…”What edge control?! I’m in my DAD’s bathroom!”), I got ready.

I spoke out yesterday for those who can’t. I was scared, I was ashamed, I was angry. I wasn’t out to harm anyone, but to speak when asked. I rose. This was the result. Thank you Tracy Jan of the Washington Post for turning on the mic.

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