The Hot Ones Speaker Series: How I Did It

Getting Published March 6th @ 7pm PST

With Hot Ones: Nate Ragolia, Pam Jones, Molly Ovenden, Marlon Harmon, Dondi Dancy, Parul Agrawal

These days, how you get published is almost a personal choice. Do you want to self publish or traditional publish? Each path requires stamina, persistence and industry knowledge. Learn from these authors and publishers about the different pathways to getting your words published.

Building a Brand with your Words – March 13th @ 6pm PST

With Hot Ones: Laura Schairer, Michelle Jackson, Carla Romo, Mildred Langford, Keena Ferguson, Elizabeth Boykevich

Time to expand your creative brain and put on your entrepreneurial hat! How can you create a brand with your book idea? What steps do you take to get your words from the page to the world stage? Or vice versa? Learn from authors who’ve created a brand, developed a speaking platform, or created products.

Writing Your Way to Travel – March 20th @ 7pm PST

With Hot Ones: Auburn Scallon, Susannah Rigg

Do you love to travel? Writing a travel blog, guide book, memoir or fiction novel are all options to consider. Learn how your words can give you wings.

Creating a Writing Routine – March 27th @ 7pm PST

With Hot Ones: Tiffany Phillips, Christian Svanes Kolding, Elizabeth Boykevich

A writer, writes. Right? But what if you have a hard time finding the time to do so? These writers and artists will share informative tips on how and when they write. (Some tips may be related to blocks you haven’t even considered!)

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Creating Character – Workshop

April 23, 2023 3:00-4:30pm PST

Writing can be hard. Creating fabulous characters while writing can be even harder. I’m here to help.

The Story:
I’m a director and trained actor with over twenty years experience in theater and film; I’ve learned about character from the inside out. This means I have learned what makes a character a walking, talking, interesting living being. As a writer, I’ve applied these skills to my own work, whether I’m writing a novel, a short story or a new play. I’m now sharing this knowledge with you. As an educator, I’ve taught ESL (English as a Second Language) courses and journalism; I love teaching, especially in intimate settings where there is hands-on interaction and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and creativity. This is why I’ve created a course that helps writers create better characters in their writing!


By taking an approach that comes from my acting training, we will work to create fabulous, three-dimensional, interesting characters.

Who is this workshop for?

New and mid-level writers who feel stuck when it comes to writing interesting characters.

  • Do you have a great story for a book, screenplay or play you want to write, but you’re not sure how to build your characters?
  • Do you feel stuck with a character in your story and you’re just not sure what to do with them anymore?
  • Have you’ve gotten some feedback that your characters don’t sound like real people and you want to fix that?
  • Are you just getting started as a writer and want to add some writing tools to your tool belt?

What does the workshop include?

Discussion, observation, writing exercises, take-home tips

What will you learn?

  • You’ll learn how to create characters that sound and look like real people.
  • You’ll learn how to create characters that help you tell your story, rather than hinder.
  • You’ll be provided with tactics and tools to help you do this successfully!

When is the next workshop?

Sunday, April 23, 2023!

Message me if you are interested and I will contact you!

How much does the Creating Character Workshop cost?


Creating character is now virtual. Prior to the pandemic, I presented this workshop to the Women of Color Filmmakers in Los Angeles. We had a great time and I look forward to helping you become a stronger, more confident writer. If you are a group or an individual interested in booking this workshop, please contact me here with your request.