Writing can be hard. Creating fabulous characters while writing can be even harder. I’m here to help.

With training as an actor; being an ESL (English as a Second Language) educator, and a Journalism teacher, I’ve created a course that helps writers create better characters in their writing.


By taking an approach that comes from acting training, we will work to create fabulous, three-dimensional, interesting characters.

  • We’ll learn how to create characters that sound and look like real people.
  • We’ll learn how to create characters that help you tell your story, rather than hinder.
  • We’ll come up with tactics and tools to help you do this, successfully!

Workshop coming February 24th for the Women of Color Filmmakers MeetUp in Los Angeles and now a few lucky individuals from the general public. Please register in advance HERE in order to receive the address to attend the workshop.

If you’d like to join the mailing list to be invited to a future workshop, please email me to join the newsletter: