Split: Stories From A Generation Raised on Divorce

Edited by Ava Chin

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Available on Amazon.com

Today’s hottest Gen X writers share their personal reflections on growing up as children of divorce

An anthology of intimate personal accounts by hip young journalists and writers in their 20s and 30s, Split will be a source of insight, comfort, and healing for all those who were children of divorce. High-profile Gen X writers who have contributed to this volume include Paula Gilovich, Jill Priluck, Ayana Byrd, Matt Briggs, and Jen Robinson. Like a support group between the covers of a book, this collection of 15 stories articulates some of the most difficult emotional aspects of growing up in a broken home, while providing hope for the future.

“Three Way” – Excerpt:

” Sure, I’ll never be able to hand down my parents’ wedding rings to my children (Dad threw his in Lake Michigan and Mom pawned hers for a can of tuna, a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese and 2 packages of hotdogs), but what are materialistic family heirlooms when you’ve got love and their baggage to pass on?”



Many adults…were raised on divorce and this insightful collection of essays gives them a long-awaited platform. — Booklist

These emotional stories capture painful lessons and bittersweet memories-the legacy of young adults, themselves now of marrying age. — O: The Oprah Magazine

An absorbing collection of pieces that deal with a myriad of aspects of marital dissolution. — Rocky Mountain News

Within the pages of Split there is…resilience and hope. — L.A. Times

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