The Build UP

She wants him to save her; he wants to save himself…a band saves them both.

Sasha and Kaliegh
Tina McDowelle (SASHA) and Alex Dawson (KALIEGH) with Danielle Ball (WYATT) passed out as audience watches on.


The Build UP is a site-specifice theatrical piece that is part play and part musical performance. Performed in a secret location, filmmaker, KALIEGH is feeling neglected both by her film career and her husband (CHRISTOPHE) as he tries to find himself in his new career as a music manager after being downsized. As a result, she confides in a cute plumber who happens to come for a house call.

The Build UP is an intimate, yet powerful performance builds throughout the location and ends in Christophe’s band performing live. The audience will be up-close and personal with the actors and move from room to room. The audience will also have the opportunity to stay in one room with the actors or follow the story to another room (think: “MadLibs”!).


Debut January 2013 Private Residence, Hollywood

TheBuildUP Cast (smaller)
Photo by Adenrele Ojo Cast: (L-R) Chris Mollica, Taro Morita, Tina McDowelle; Seated: Alex Dawson, Peppur Chambers, Erica Peeples, Shakir Chambers, On ottoman: Daniel Ball)


Created by Shakir Chambers
Written and directed by Peppur Chambers
Produced by Three Peas Productions


Huffington Post Interview

Wilson’s Where To Guide

“Aside from being a classy, well-produced affair from start to finish, the real highlight of the evening is the performance style itself….I applaud the actors for their incredible performances….So the next time you’re in the mood for a nontraditional play and a spectacular way to spend your Sunday evening, I highly recommend checking out The Build UP. Just make sure to either take a friend so you can both split when actors go in different rooms and then recap to each other what each one of you saw, or, just go see the play more than once.”


The Build UP Script Screen Shot


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