House Rules

A play about Love, Respect & Billie Holiday.

house rules on set
Peppur Chambers (RUBY), Ricco Ross (JOE), Zokai Holmes (REVEREND), Sabah El Amin (PATIENCE)

What happens here, stays here. What happens out there, stays out there.

It’s 1944. Billie Holiday is at the height of her career, the world is at war and she wanders into a rinky-dink bar in a rinky-dink town on a day that changes several lives, and maybe hers too, forever…thanks to a set of bizarre house rules.

House Rules is an ambitious tribute to William Inge’s Bus Stop and takes place entirely in one room; it attempts to take a look at Billie Holiday’s persona without the Gardenia and asks “What If?”…What if Billie Holiday dropped into Joe’s on a day when something explosive happened? Could this event have changed her life?  Overall, House Rules takes a peek at the intricacies of a set of unspoken rules abused by a woman who lived her entire life by the rules.

Debuted October 2009 at The Lounge Theatre, Los Angeles

House Rules Flyer v.5

Directed by Les Wieder
Produced by S&P Experience (Sabah El Amin [pictured above] & Peppur Chambers), Lazlo Vidor Productions



House Rules script screen shot

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