Harlem’s Awakening: Storytelling. Live.

A one-woman show about a book, with a book.

Harlems Awakening north carolina photo Prague Fringe

1940s America comes to life as you follow the unsettling journey of Harlem Markeson as she desperately tries to reinvent herself in New York despite the efforts of characters like the conniving sisters, Ruth and Mary; brothel madam, Lady Magdalena and the mysterious Brown Betties.

  • Running time: 60 minutes
  • Content: Mature content, suitable for adults
  • Tech needs: Travels well; available for black box theaters and larger; minimal light needs and sound cues.
  • Stage props needed: small table, chair, theater boxes or bench; easel.

Promo Video:


Link: https://youtu.be/xK5k_7RkeKc 


Prague Fringe Festival 2014
Nominated: Performance Award

HA Final Poster (1)

Based on Harlem’s Awakening novella by Peppur Chambers
Directed, Produced and Conceptualized by Nicole J. Adelman
Co-produced by Three Peas Productions

Radio Interview with Nicole and Peppur:

20 March 14:  KCAA Live with Aaron and Kelly, NBC Radio


Prague Post :

As something that falls in between an author’s reading and a one-woman show, it works remarkably well. For long stretches Chambers doesn’t glance at the book as she tells the story, but it is always in her hand to serve as a reminder that Harlem, the person, is her literary creation. —RJ

Prague Fringe :

The text, which Miss Chambers wrote, is richly descriptive and works beautifully in performance but she brings it alive, playing all the characters, ranging from a scheming lawyer to a 70-year old driver to a pair of nosy sisters.  They are all neatly defined, with their own physical gestures and vocalization.  Miss Chambers describes herself as a writer and the text proves that she is a good one.  But she is also a brilliant actor, riveting and compelling. This is a bravura performance.

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