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As a content creator and a freelance writer,  I am available to write:
  • web content
  • newsletters
  • blog entries
  • social media content
  • custom, branded creative writing to be used for marketing purposes.

Most recently, I’ve enjoyed writing content for (US)Theatre Planners, Reflektion Design, (Prague) CATNIP Divadlo, Alger Global, Inspiro Solutions and GoViral.

Below, please find a cross-section of my work.

Brown Betties

Trademarked, lifestyle brand for women I developed in 2005.

The Brown Betties are the performers of Harlem’s Night Cabaret, a 1940s dinner theater experience with singing, dancing, acting and burlesque. Conceptually, Brown Betties has been a market leader in terms of being an all-black performance entity that caters to the discerning consumer seeking sophisticated entertainment. Off stage, Brown Betties is a voice that represents sultry women, specifically black sultry women with heightened self-respect.



Betties FB

Betties FB collab

Betties fB time

Cafe La Boheme

Iconic West Hollywood Restaurant. As the promotions manager, I was responsible for developing and  promoting in-house events. Most notable event was weekly “LB33: Beats and Eats”. I designed the photo shoot and concept. Campaign was supported with email blasts, Facebook posts, website promo, online event website promo and internal printed collateral.

  • Social Media Campaign:


2 Hands 2 Cans – NonProfit

In its first year of existence, this non profit is developing rapidly. I was called upon to assist with branding programs and writing content for the website which is in development. Notably, I created branded terms “Growth Spurts”,”Collective Growth”, and “Branches to Growth” .

The Build UP

Site-Specific play that takes place in mansion. Debuted in LA.

  • Sample Newsletters/Email Blasts

5 Things You Never Want to Tell a Friend….But Should

5 Reasons Orange is The New Black (Build UP)

5 Things *NOT* To Do On July 4th

Personal Branding

  • Social Media:
  1. Twitter: Peppur The Hot One, @peppurthehotone
  2. Tumblr –peppurthehotone
  3. Branded Content: Short Stories –
  4. Yelp! Joe’s Pizza – Late Night Greats

Creative Blogging/Story Telling 

Vintage Cahill Wedding Dress

Sample: Blog entry for a Vintage Seller

She’d waited long and steady for this day, the day that she would call her own but was about so much more than just herself. Finding the perfect dress wasn’t about perfection for her. It was about meaning, history, taking from the past to create something meaningful for the present. The day had been perfect. The dress had been amazing.

1960s Vintage Cahill Wedding Dress


Thank you for reviewing my samples and visiting Pen and Peppur.  Please contact me if I can be of writing service to you! I’m especially interested in assisting female-owned, small businesses; however, I love all clients, so please contact me.


Peppur Chambers

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