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Making Lemonade:

Tales from An Actress Being Squeezed in LA


When I moved to Los Angeles from New York in 2004, I started writing emails back to my friends and family to let them know how I was doing. This was sort of before blogging or at least before I knew how to do it. I would tell them stuff that happened to me; usually odd and funny stuff, but not always the real stuff, like how lonely and scared I was.

These are my stories. (Cue  “Law & Order” theme music, duh-duhn!)

The manuscript was reviewed by someone at William Morris (circa 2009) and they passed. I, of course, wished they hadn’t. My life would be different right now. But, my life is still different right now…from back then. So.

I posted the stories as a blog and will keep pushing it, because I love these stories and they’re sometimes funny as shit. Like this one.

I wrote a pilot script based on these stories. If you’re interested in publishing or producing any of this. Contact me! 


Dick and Jayne Get A Life – Play + Monologues

Dick and Jayne Book Cover orange Mar 2015

The play Dick & Jayne Get A Life started out as a monologue book. Due to my acting training at Black Nexxus in NY, I learned that you want to choose a monologue that is often from a play because you’ll get more background on the character. Additionally, from our class exercises, we worked on class-created monologues that were in-depth yet specific and often gender-neutral. As a result, I wanted to see if I could create an unique book of monologues that told a story while being a series of monologues. Instead, the monologues became a play. Soon, I’ll have a available for you thespians a book where the first half is the monologues and the second half will be the play. BOOM!

Check out the Dick & Jayne page on my site for more info on the produced play which debuted at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2013 and a sample of the dialogue.



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